Passerines Masterclass Cairngorms

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By the end of the course the participants should feel more confident in the identification of passerines, the songbirds/perching birds, in particular those seen in the Cairngorms National Park and surrounding area. As well as specific help with identification, we shall cover the ‘how to do it’ of general identification. In this way, participants can start to improve their skills going forward, make a start on learning birdsong and have useful hints and tips on telling difficult species apart.


  • The course will be based in the Cairngorms National Park and run over two days.
  • It will include a day in the classroom and a day in the field.
  • It will cover those species of passerine that can be difficult to identify, with a focus on those found in the Cairngorms National Park.
  • The ‘classroom’ day will cover aspects of passerine recognition, including different families, plumage, structure, flight, habitat, songs and calls.
  • The field day will be in suitable habitat for a variety of species, to put into practice what was learned the day before.
  • The course is run by Speyside Wildlife using one of our experienced guides, Roy Atkins.

Course Schedule

  • The course will take place on 18-19 May 2021, with the classroom day on 18th and field day on 19th.
  • Lunch is provided on the classroom day, but please bring a packed lunch on the field day.
  • On the classroom day please bring paper, pencil and your favourite bird book. We tend to use the Collins Bird Guide.
  • For the field day please bring your binoculars, telescope if you have one, your bird book, paper and pencil to make notes, also suitable clothing for a day in the local area, as weather is unpredictable.
  • The course is £195 per person including VAT.

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Feedback from Previous Participants

“Really fabulous weekend. Not sure which were my favourites – the surprise of the brambling with its pinky-russet chest, the upside-down Crossbill, again gorgeous warm colours and the crested tit – much bigger and not so ‘cute’ as I had expected, but so much many more as well. So many visual memories, now how to remember the sounds! Thank you, Roy.”

“Thank you Roy for being so generous with your knowledge, and all the group for your enthusiasm. Twas indeed a great weekend.”