Wildlife Identification Courses Based in Scotland and Yorkshire

If you’ve always wanted to know what the bird calls are that you hear whilst out walking in our UK National Parks, or to feel confident that you can tell the difference between a Buzzard and an eagle as you scan the hills, then our wildlife identification courses in Scotland and Yorkshire run by Speyside Wildlife are for you. They teach you the ‘how to do it’ of wildlife identification, to work things out for yourself, either by sight or sound, whilst you’re out and about – complete beginners welcome.

You may wish to join one of our wildlife identification courses for your own enjoyment. Our ‘masterclasses’ are designed for those who wish to gain more knowledge on particular families of birds; or you may wish to join our year-long course for personal career development, either as the start of a career as a wildlife tour guide or just for your own enjoyment.

Our Scottish courses
Our Yorkshire courses